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Components of Proposed Economic Activity Mix

Proposed economic activity mix at the DSIR entails development of total of 9,225 hectares of land upto 2040.This economic activity mix is expected to employ approximately 342,400 workers. A number of economic activities have been considered to be taken up in the DSIR.

1. Heavy Engineering

The heavy engineering industry envisaged as part of economic activity mix of the DSIR comprises of production of machinery and equipment like heavy electrical equipments like turbines, power and distribution transformers, generators, High tension circuit breakers etc. The segment also includes manufacturing of machinery for sectors like cement, sugar, mining and metallurgy, boilers, precision machine tools and material handling equipment. Heavy transport equipment like railway coaches also form part of this economic activity in the DSIR.

2. Automobiles and Auto Ancillary

The Automobile and Auto Ancillary industry envisaged to be set up in Dholera SIR comprises of manufacture of automobile as well as automotive components. The sector also takes into account the manufacture of engines and heavy commercial vehicles like trucks, trawlers

3. Electronics, Hitech and Emerging technologies / high value add industries

The Electronics, Hitech and Emerging technologies / high value add industries envisaged to be set up at the DSIR comprises of the high value creating new age manufacturing. It comprises of production of hi end consumer electronics, computer electronics, communication electronics, industrial electronics, and automotive electronics equipment. The economy activity mix under this category also comprises of wafer fabrication and associated technologies. This new age sector also involves setting up of modern industry sectors in nascent stages of development like nanotechnology, new materials, and cryogenics.

4. Pharmaceuticals & Biotechnology

The Pharmaceutical industry envisaged to be set up in the DSIR comprises of Contract Research companies, Contract Manufacturing companies, companies manufacturing Biotechnology products, APIs, Ayurvedic Products, Biopharmaceuticals and Intermediates and fine chemicals Additionally, the industry also involves establishing world class research institutes for pharmaceuticals which undertake cutting edge research that can benefit the companies located within the DSIR as well as in other parts of the country. Biotechnology industry involves companies focusing on research and development as well as commercial production of products related to different aspects of biotechnology including Bioinformatics and agricultural, marine, pharmaceutical & healthcare, industrial and environmental biotechnology. The sector also takes into account setting up of R&D institutions undertaking cutting edge research in pharmaceuticals and biotechnology.

5. Metals & Metallurgical Products

The Metals and metallurgical products industry at the DSIR does not envisage production of metals from their ores. This is because base metal producers in India typically have captive mines supplying ore to the producer at negligible costs. Moreover, the plants are located closer to the mines to reduce the logistics cost. Hence, the basic metals produced in India are among the most competitively priced across the globe. However, Gujarat does not have rich reserves of basic metals which can be used to sustain production. The bulky nature of import ensures a high logistics cost in transporting ore from a mine located elsewhere in India or abroad. This would raise the cost of production of metal making it production unviable

The Metals and metallurgical products industry proposed at the DSIR includes secondary production of steel. The raw material for the industry can be sourced from the ship breaking yard at Alang located in close proximity to the DSIR. The proposed industry also includes production of fabricated metal products like Steel pipes and Steel & Aluminium furniture and manufacture of steel re rolled products. Similarly copper could be sourced from largest smelter located at Dahej.

The industry also involves production of metallurgical products like Iron and Steel Pipe and Tube Manufacturing, Rolled Steel Shape Manufacturing, steel wire drawing, Rolled Steel Shape Manufacturing, Aluminum Extruded Product Manufacturing, Other Aluminum Rolling and Drawing, copper alloying, automobile forging etc.

6. General Manufacturing

Manufacturing units in the value chain will require the output / products from several other industries apart from their upstream and downstream industries for smooth running of their operations. These would comprise industries like packaging, office supplies, tooling etc. These industries have been designated to be located under the category of General Manufacturing in the DSIR.

These industries would go a long way in helping the DSIR become a self sustaining zone without being dependent on other regions for provision of critical resources for smooth running of operations.

This category of industries in the DSIR could include the following and others depending upon other core industries finally established:

  1. Packaging
  2. Ceramics
  3. Office Supplies
  4. Plastic Products
  5. Technical Textiles
  6. Tools
  7. Office Furniture
  8. Bathroom Fittings
  9. Misc. industries not included in the recommended economic activity mix

In addition, although the DSIR is envisaged to be home to a select few industry sectors. However, in future in case there emerges a need to permit a newly emerged manufacturing industry to be permitted to be set up base in the DSIR which has not been allocated area in economic activity mix of the DSIR, then this unit can be permitted to be set up its base in the DSIR under the category of general manufacturing. However, it should be an exception rather than a rule.

7. Agro and Food Processing

The Agro and Food processing industry envisaged to be set up at the DSIR comprises of preserved fruits and vegetables including canned and frozen fruits and vegetables, canned and frozen specialties, dried and dehydrated fruits and vegetables, pickles and salad dressings. The industry also includes manufacture of breakfast foods, flour mixes and doughs, and pet food. Dairy products like fluid milk, butter, cheese, and ice cream and confectionary products like candy, chocolate, chewing gum, and nuts and seeds are also included in the sub sectors of food processing industry envisaged to be set up in the DSIR. Beverages like malted beverages, soft drinks, and flavoring extracts as well as other foods like food including canned and frozen food, potato and corn chips and macaroni, spaghetti, and pasta products are also included as part of this industry in the DSIR.

8. IT/ITeS

The IT/ITeS industry at the DSIR comprises of Application Services, BPO/KPO/LPO, IT Consulting, Electronics Design Services, Medical transcription. Government of Gujarat envisages the development of this industry in GIFT city and hence this economic activity has been proposed to have a limited presence in the DSIR. However, the units located in the DSIR will not only be catering to the needs of the units located in the DSIR alone but also to the needs of clients located outside the DSIR as well as even outside India.

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